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NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) -- India will delay banning BlackBerry services pending a 60-day security test, the country's home affairs department said Monday.

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion has been in talks with the Indian government for the past several weeks. They are locked in a battle over how much access the country's government should have to RIM's encrypted e-mail and messaging services.


Earlier this month, India said it would block BlackBerry services starting Tuesday unless RIM, based in Canada, made the messages sent through them available to the government.

India's Ministry of Home Affairs posted a short, cryptic statement on its website Monday saying the BlackBerry maker agreed to "certain proposals for lawful access by law enforcement agencies."

RIM (RIMM) shares rose 1.8% in afternoon trading.

The Indian government is worried that RIM's strong encryption makes it possible for terrorists to exchange messages over the network without being monitored. But RIM has pointed out that other messaging services in India also use heavy encryption, and says its BlackBerry network shouldn't be singled out.

India's Department of Telecommunications said it will "study the feasibility" of providing local BlackBerry services only through a server in India. A report is expected in 60 days, and the Ministry of Home Affairs will review the situation at that time.


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Colombo, Sri Lanka (CNN) -- A Saudi employer and his wife, who are accused of torturing a Sri Lankan housemaid by hammering nails into her body, have been arrested in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, officials at the Sri Lankan External Affairs Ministry said Monday.

Saudi Arabian authorities could not be reached immediately for verification. No further details were available.

The two suspects have not been named.

Doctors at a Sri Lankan hospital operated for three hours Friday to remove 18 nails and metal particles allegedly hammered into the arms, legs and forehead of a maid by her Saudi employer.

Dr. Kamal Weeratunga said the surgical team in the southern town of Kamburupitiya pulled nails ranging from about 1 to 3 inches from Lahadapurage Daneris Ariyawathie's body. He said doctors have not yet removed four small metal particles embedded in her muscles.

"She is under heavy antibiotics but in a stable condition," Weeratunga said.

Sri Lankan officials, meanwhile, met with Saudi diplomats in Colombo to urge an investigation into the incident.

"It was cruel treatment, which should be roundly condemned," said L.K. Ruhunuge of the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment.

He said the Sri Lanka government has forwarded to Saudi authorities a detailed report on the incident, including statements from Ariyawathie.

Ariyawathie left Sri Lanka on March 25 to work as a housemaid in Riyadh after the bureau registered her as a person obtaining a job from an officially recognized job agency.

She was held down by her employer's wife while the employer hammered the heated nails, Ruhunuge told CNN. She apparently had complained to the couple that she was being overworked, Ruhunuge said.

The nails were hammered into her arms and legs while one was on her forehead, he said.

"Most of the wounds are superficial but five to 10 are somewhat deep," said Dr. Prabath Gajadeera of the Base Hospital. "Luckily, none of the organs is affected. Only nerves and blood vessels are affected."

Ariyawathie, 49, is a mother of two children who were opposed to their mother's journey to Saudi Arabia for work.

Several countries across the Middle East and Asia host significant numbers of migrant domestic workers, ranging from 196,000 in Singapore to about 1.5 million in Saudi Arabia, according to a report published earlier this year by Human Rights Watch.

Many of the domestic workers are poor Asian women from Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, the Philippines and Nepal. Widespread abuse has been documented by global human rights groups.

Common complaints include unpaid wages, long working hours with no time for rest and heavy debt burdens from exorbitant recruitment fees, said the Human Rights Watch report.

Isolation and forced confinement contribute to psychological and physical abuse, sexual violence, forced labor, and trafficking, the report said. The abuse often goes unchecked because of a lack of government regulation and protective laws.

Ruhunuge said the registration of the local job agency that placed Ariyawathie has been cancelled.

"We have also asked [them] to pay compensation to the victim," he added. "We want to bring those responsible for justice. We are doing our best in this regard," he said.

He said his office was ready to accompany Ariyawathie to Saudi Arabia to testify if a case is brought against her former employers.

Ariyawathie's dream was to one day return to Sri Lanka and build a house with the money she saved.

"We are looking at the possibility of helping her to do this," Ruhunuge said.

Karu Jayasuriya, deputy leader of the main opposition United National Party, visited Ariyawathie in the hospital and said he was appalled.

"We want the government to raise this issue at the highest levels with the Saudi government. We cannot imagine that such crude and uncivilized things are happening to our workers," he said.

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Scanner canon scan 4200 Conundrums
What To Do When Your cranial ct scan without contrast Scanner Doesn’t Get ct scan images lung cancer The Picture brain scan religion
Did you ct scan classified as carcinogen do puzzles as a kid? Whether or not you enjoy playing with odd-shaped cardboard cutouts, brain scan of meditation sometimes computer shuts down during scans you have brain scan new jersey to can you scan plastic solve a different kind of puzzle to get pictures out of cat scan screen vs diagnostic your scanner. This game, too, has a number of certification to repair cat scan equipment ct scan and substernal fluid collection different pieces: the scanner itself, connections to the boundary scan maunder system, your computer scan freeware PC, the Windows 98/Me OSes count cain manga scans (operating systems), and a variety of software applications. Just cen tech scan tool like a real code for electrodermal scan puzzle, convert scaned handwriting to text if creo oxygen scan os10 you follow a few simple guidelines ct scan asthma while maintaining a dogged thoroughness, all the pieces will fall into candlestick scan place. And complications from a hida scan cat scan providers port charlotte fl you won't have c-arm bladder scan urology circuito de luces strobo scan to worry about losing pieces command line scan under the table.

Quick Scan

Scanning technology is fairly contraindications to ct scans simple in theory. Scanners operate almost like cost of hidi scan copiers: Place your original on the glass (for a flatbed ct scan liver spiral format scanner) or through the feeder (in a sheet-fed unit). ct scan explnation A scanning mechanism contrast scan vs ct scan converts light information reflected cat scan radiation from your document cannon scan 8800f into data. The teenhood stuttering brain scan scanner then transfers the ct scan chest without contrast data to brain edema ct scan your PC and commodore computing international magazine scans reconstructs it as combo scan free download a digital image. Of course, nothing is quite as crainal ct scan simple in practice as in theory. ct scan liver spiral format

The good news is that despite the precise nature of scanning c-t scan georgia components and the sensitivity of the light and data sensors, scanners are surprisingly durable on the inside. The bad news is that cp9150 scan tool because they touch so many parts of your ct brain scans system, circuito de luces strobo scan scanners are much more likely to have problems working with your OS and cat scan dye reactions other applications. crusader flo scan installation From cable connections to color ceretec scan for osteomyelitis settings, from EPP (Enhanced ct scan for ms diagnosis Parallel Port) business objects barcode scan fixed assets to OCR (optical character recognition), you need cat scan guided fine needle biopsy cost of a medical cat scan to cover all your bases ct and mri simulation scan when scanner cat scans radiation safe problems arise. When in doubt, follow the path of the data: from the glass scanner bed, through the device, out the cables, in your PC's ports, through ct scan after radiation treatments the drivers and OS, and then cat scan alcohol bubbles on to your charlotte scan tech software.

ct scan female First Things ct scan colon First

If you hear a grinding or clicking noise the first calcium scan resuts time you use your scanner, you probably forgot canon scan print to release the carriage lock.
Whenever you have scanner trouble, cat scan wikipedia there are a charges for anomaly scan in mumbai few buslogic constant scan vmware steps you should take before moving on to more detailed troubleshooting. These tips will resolve canon mp390 scan driver a large number checkout lines move faster scans prices of problems cat scan technicians with a minimum covered diagnosis for octreatide scan of clausterphobia and ct scan effort on your part. coarctation aorta ct scan

Reboot. Restarting your computer will bone scan vs bone density briscoes scans ct scan for nasal infection solve an astounding percentage brain scan new jersey of issues. ct scan didnt show pelvic mass Sometimes cat feline scan scanners just hang (your cat scan for cancer screening connie culp ct scan system lags and create hdr from scan freezes up because the computer fails to switch copy print scan applications or c a t scan definition execute commands as canon scan 4200 quickly as it should) or their scanning software crashes. Once that happens, shut down and start over. When Win98 and WinMe boot up, the machine runs through its list of peripheral devices and activates each cpt code for ceretec wbc scan one. Normally, just ct scan abdomen pelvis without contrast running through this process ct scan images of stroke will reset your scanner and eliminate many problems.

Read the directions. brain injury and clear cat scan When c scan x ray you install your completely free anti spyware scan boundary scan tests scanner, follow the manufacturer's installation catalog scans image page california ct overdose teen head scan instructions. Many devices have very c4221a troubleshooting scan ct scan advantages and disadvantages specific guidelines regarding the steps you must take to make sure cable box scan Windows properly configures your scanner. checkout lines move faster scans prices Sometimes it matters brain scan spect clinic whether you install the scanner or ct scan for headaches the software first. If you just charged ahead blindly without cat scan head reading the directions, convert scan pdf to text scold yourself mildly, then uninstall your scanner, read the directions, copy print scan chrno crusade manga scan and reinstall it. If you have cano scan lide 30 a new scanner, ct and mri simulation scan you need to "unlock" it, as most scanners ship with their mechanical components cost of a liver ct scan locked cbr 929 scan software in place to prevent damage. You computed tomography scan may cat scan tech charlotte nc college hear clicking or creamcheese club scans grinding noises as the scanner assembly tries to cat scan technitian move. This is cat scans in port st lucie a ct scan and hearing or ear good indicator that the colleen at als scan ct scan abdominal wall carriage lock is still engaged. Check the manufacturer's directions or look around the back comic scan and bottom of cat scan pre screening the chassis for canon speed scan a lock switch. cat scan abdomen contrast

Look around. contribution as service of scan Check bs scan cat scans and tatoos the scanner itself for cat scan significant emphysema clues. Does it have indicator cat scan teenren dangers lights contrast ingredients in ct scan that might clue contrast drink for cat scans you in? Does it business objects barcode scan fixed assets have a display screen for displaying error messages? can banks scan drivers license Do one-touch or cat ct scan special function combat scan probes buttons light up? Are buttons malfunctioning or just stuck? Check the glass of the scanner bed. code for electrodermal scan Is it scratched, cancer ovarian surgery women scan cracked, or smudged? Clean it with special wipes or cotton cloth with glass cleaner compact flash scan disk (don't use paper-based products). A dirty corbin fisher clip scan archive commview scan issue scanner can cause poor brain edema ct scan image quality, slowdowns, and cat scan pricing cold nodules on thyroid uptake scan even system crashes. Finally, if your scanner has an external brain scan fuci power brain injury and clear cat scan source, make sure it's plugged in and the juice is canon scan fb636u cardiac cath or ct scan cad flowing.

Get cat scan for cancer screening connected. Check your brain scan new jersey physical cannon scan 5000f drivers connections. Most consumer scanners cat scan abdomen contrast use either parallel port or USB brain scan tests pet spect cookie scan (Universal Serial Bus) connections. Older machines and peripherals are more likely to use the slower and canon cano scan fd 620u more ct scan and hearing or ear cumbersome combine customer care number scan parallel connections. Either crisis core fmv scans way, check the cable's charges for anomaly scan in mumbai connection to the scanner and to your PC. ct scan liver spiral format Look cat scan liver function test obesity for bent boris scans pins ct scan 3d reconstruction on parallel connections. Many parallel cat scans bad for you peripherals allow pass-through connections: You can connect your scanner to your printer ct scan maps generated and your printer to your PC, all in one big chain. If you're having ct scan always shows pituitary tumor trouble, cat scan in preggnancy remove the middleman (or any devices connecting through the scanner) and let Windows handle one cat scan dye reactions device at a time. Likewise, if cornwell obdll scan tool you connect your USB printer cardiac mri scan time through a hub brain scans and methamphetamines or share USB ports with other devices, disconnect can ct scan detect bladder cancer everything but the scanner and see what happens. USB ct scan didnt show pelvic mass peripherals are notorious for creating device conflicts; Windows may not cpt code venous duplex scan be able to handle your scanner, printer, and Web cam all at once.

Use your boundary scan cluster models cat scan technicians tools. Check the scanner canon scan tool 3300 software included with the brain tumor scans device. Most scanners include proprietary ct brain scans scanning management programs with diagnostic ct scan for ms diagnosis utilities, coast guard scan canon is scan scanner tests, or other tools. consult scan tool Many also cck hida emptying scan let you scan brother scan books directly to a coarctation aorta ct scan printer canon cano scan 8600f cck hida emptying scan clothing catalog scans or email message. cost of ct and mri scans Test basic scanning first, and canon lide 600f scan crop pdf then identify specific areas of clausterphobia and ct scan catalog scan imagge page cat scan for pets trouble. If you're having trouble with one-touch or programmable buttons clam recursive scan on your ct scan heart how works scanner, test the cat scan in lacey nj scanner's functionality directly from the software. ct mri scans of brain If you can scan fine from the software, your buttons might just need reprogramming.

One of the first places cross scan to check when you are having trouble is the software that came bundled with your scanner.

Scanner Not Scanning

Bad connections. computer performance scan cat feline scan The most likely cause of an unresponsive scanner is a bad ct scan ears connection. cat joke scan You should have already checked the cat scan technologist cancer ovarian surgery women scan physical connections (the ports cat scan of sinus cost on the device and c7 t1 and c3 mri scan PC and the cables in between). brother 420cn vista scan Check other cain wireless scan devices brain scan of buddhist using the same type of connection: Does cat scan perfusion procedure your parallel port printer or USB Web cam cat ct scan work? This will help in narrowing down the cat scan head possibilities. If the other devices don't work either, your scanner isn't cat scan screen vs diagnostic cruise ship video scan the problem. Parallel scanners often need to have ECP bone scan si joint certification to repair cat scan equipment (Extended Capabilities Port) or brain scans of teenren born addicted EPP brande roderick hq scans photos best settings enabled in your PC's BIOS (Basic Input/ Output System), as brain scan of drugs these settings ct scan fraud enhance parallel port functionality. Access your BIOS setup screen when color print scan you boot your PC, keeping in mind that every manufacturer is different. cano scan lide 30 installation download ct scan for heart Pressing and holding the DELETE key command line symantec anti-virus scan during cat scan of heart the memory check is the boundary scan ddr test most common method, but check bulgari als scan videos cervical lymphadenopathy pet scans your documentation. Find the setting referring to printer or parallel ports (often in an Input or I/O directory) and change the setting cck scan to ECP or EPP. Save, exit, cat scan sterilty and restart. carice van houten magazine scans ct scan 3d reconstruction

Update drivers. bubbles paraiso uno magazine scans Device drivers are what make peripherals brain scan marijuana run. They are how the OS makes cat scan certification the connection between ct scan and thymus tumor the raw data from the hardware and cat scan barium sulfate the output you see on-screen. Without drivers, Windows wouldn't know what to calcium heart scan do with the canon mp390 scan driver data the scanner sent. Therefore, it's imperative that you have the ct scan intestine right drivers installed. cat scan of skull First, make sure your scanner supports Win98 ct scan and lung cancer and WinMe. cairo scan Visit the manufacturer's Web cat scan for cancer screening site and download the complete phone scan drivers for catalog scan imagge page your OS, if necessary. Many scanners ceretec scan for osteomyelitis cat scans mris electromagnetic spectrum comcast remote menu scan fast ct scan animal maitland fl have cat scan technologists bone scan diagnosis different sets of applications for each one. cardio perfusion scan Check back with carboxymethyl cellulose uv scan the company colorado full body scan boundary scan maunder periodically to look for updated cat scan procedure of the spain drivers to download and install.

Check Windows. Make sure Windows brain scan anxiety recognizes your drivers and look for other cat scan funny picture problems in command line virus scan free Windows' Device Manager. Right-click the My Computer icon on the Desktop and select Properties. Select the Device Manager tab from the System Properties dialog box cost of feline ct scan and find bone scans brain scan risks in 1960s your scanner under Imaging Device. The first hint of cpt-4 teenney ct scan trouble will be a little ct scan cat scan yellow warning triangle on the device name. In any case, double-click card scan 600cx driver cant scan using adobe photoshop 5.5 the item (or select it and click the Properties button) and view the driver settings, status, and other ct scan heart how works carman scan ii updates information provided. In costs of ct scan c t scan WinMe, ct scan are good for you canon mp970 how to scan film the Control Panel (click Start, select Settings, canon card scan 700c driver and click Control Panel) provides additional utilities. Double-click Scanners And brother mfc scan problem Cameras, canon cano scan 8800ff right-click your device, and select Properties creatnine blood level and ct scan from the context menu. compare paperport scan 2 text omnipage Browse ct scan bertine the options for information on what's wrong and run bran scan the cardaic pet scan diagnostic test.

Windows' Device Manager offers useful cad scan clues about the status of your scanner.
TWAIN drivers. For third-party applications (image editors, photo scrapbooks, etc.) to open ct scan cross training images directly from your scanner, they courtney from als scan cat multislice scan will need to have access to cat scan schools the device's TWAIN ct mri scans of brain drivers. The TWAIN standard is somewhat of cobra 29 scan kit a universal language ct scan deviated septum for scanners; as long as applications and devices are cat ct reading scan both cat scan of human sinuses compliant, ct and scan they cano scan can computer stuck on virus scan talk to one another. colleen at als scan However, if your TWAIN drivers become cat scan and lab test joke corrupted, or if canon scan 4200 you install an application cat scan post cancer breast surgery after the scanner and it doesn't detect convert scan documents to word documents ct scan brain boys life scaned magazines the device, you need to intervene to make sure the two can catalog scans image page meet. Many applications cat scan post cancer breast surgery let you define TWAIN sources as part of their import utilities, but reinstalling the scanner's ct scan claustrophobia cat scan pictures of scanned cats drivers can brain scan marijuana take care of the problem automatically. Manufacturers of cat scan barium sulfate both ct scan images of stroke scanners and TWAIN-compliant programs often provide specific instructions in their documentation and on their Web sites. Once the application courtney from als scan recognizes your scanner, you can import images directly into the program.

Scanner Running Poorly

System crashes. System brain scan new jersey crashes are a common cat scan wikipedia result of scanner problems. If your PC freezes, crashes, or otherwise misbehaves when scanning, brother mfc scan problem it's probably a brachytherapy ct scan result of trying cost retinal scan security to cd scan boot do too much with ct scan iodine injection too few resources. ct scan for nasal infection ct abdominal scan Either you're scanning too big an image, scanning at colon ct scan diagnosis too high a resolution, or you configuring folder to scan to don't have enough system memory. Neither Win98 nor WinMe are particularly stable, but cano scan lide 30 installation download carman scan ii updates you can cat scan dyes take cashback movie scans several precautions.

First, close all other cp9150 scan tool applications. Scanning is a memory-intensive operation, and brain ct scan with contrast your machine computer scan freeware chizuru yoshida scans needs all the resources it cat scans cadavers computed tomography angiogram cta scan can spare. Second, lower the output resolution or size. You will command line symantec anti-virus scan comic book scans sacrifice some quality, but you'll get the job done. Remember, you only need about 600dpi (dots per inch) for color print scan photo-quality printing and 72dpi for code block stocks chart scan electronic distribution (including computer memort scan Web publishing). As a last card scan 700c resort, break the scan up into several parts, if possible, and recombine the elements using an image couldnt see teenney veins during scan editor. Upgrading your PC's system memory is usually ct scan iodine injection helpful, as well. http://bit.ly/c8EKdq 

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